Hello there. :3

Hey Hatena Blog. I saw this and decided to give it a try. Soooo...  Basically Ill try to update this thing regularly. I have nothing to write about now. Well, here's my intro.

I'm Bellista, my name's Isabella, feel free to call me Bell if you like. I'm random at times, and a real good friend according to my friends. XD Yeah, I love to joke around. Um, I like cats, animating, drawing, basically anything creative, animals, and I love the Hunger Games if someone brings it up. No, I don't have a Twitter. Yes, I can draw for you. Hey, I guess this can be pretty much an art blog. But don't worry, I don't stick with my plans very much. XD

I hope I can find the time to personalize my blog and shiz.

Stay Tooned,